Dakshin Chennai Prabasi Cultural Association
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Membership & Donation

Since inception, we have provided concrete support for the cancer patient, nursing homes, needy, and special ability children in the form of food, clothes, groceries, medical facility, blood donation camps, disaster relief, and scholarship for a student. We understand that this country’s youth can make a lot of difference and has the power and ability to bring that positive change in society. We continuously seek to create avenues where one can volunteer and engage with fewer privileged communities. With us, you can contribute to enriching the lives of less fortunate people. You can choose the cause you want to participate in, and timing as per your convenience and availability.

Benefits of members 

This place is a home away from home for all the Bengalis who misses their hometown staying outside. Once you join us and participate in all activities, you won’t miss your place any longer, and that is why we are receiving a lot of tractions from Bengalis, and numbers are only increasing.