Dakshin Chennai Prabasi Cultural Association
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We are just not another trust or non-profit organization. We have a list of social responsibility and active members who keep on working for the betterment of society. We are known for spreading positive vibes in the community with our social outreach programme.

Bringing Smiles
  • We are associated with various NGO’s and other non-profit organization and helping the needy every year. 
  • Hosting or facilitating breakfast and lunch for the residents of old age home or orphanage. Distributing consumables and groceries to meet their needs.
  • We are providing health checkups and medical facilities by conducting camps for special ability people. 
  • Helping kids with low to no visibility by providing blankets and food items. Also, distributing essentials to cancer patients. 
  • Collecting and facilitating donation, food items, and clothes in flood relief activities

Our Vision

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Our Team


  • President: Mr P H Shivaram 
  • Vice President: Mr Soumitra Banerjee 
  • Secretary: Mr K L Subramanian 
  • Joint Secretary: Mr Sujoy Banerjee 
  • Treasurer: Mr Anirban Sinha
  • Joint Treasurer: Mrs Ranjana Mazumdar Anand 


  • Mr Amirtrajit Ghosh
  • Mr Saugata Chakrabarti 
  • Mr Subhojit Saha 
  • Mr Surojit Thakur 
  • Mr Avijit Ghosh 
  • Mr Jaypal Menon 
  • Mr Arindam Dutta 
  • Mr Subhajit Patra 
  • Mr Abhishek Nag 
  • Mr Ranabeer Majumder

Social Outreach Events

We have come across many queries where many people approach us and show their humble interest in contributing to society’s betterment. Looking at the part of many of you in this noble cause, we have launched a program to participate and contribute as per your pocket. As per this flagship program, any member of DCPCA or any other interested individual can come forward and volunteer for noble social cause and some impactful social work. Even a small contribution can make a significant impact and go a long way in helping the needy. Reach out to us to know more about this program and make impactful participation in the social initiative to better society.